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            company culture

            Sincerity to the letter Liye: "sincere" is the foundation of the road, Societe generale. We don't harm to self-interest, don't sell to fish for praise, abide by its commitments and regulations, cherish the honor, adhere to the belief to the credibility of development; practical is to always adhere to the actual weight, to tell you the truth, thing of deal with concrete matters relating to work, seek practical results. We reject the false, refused to despise fantasy, full and active flashy without substance, the pursuit of life. The pragmatic spirit as a traditional virtue, we should be in the company of all the activities of shine.

            Overview of global win-win world: efficient management requires of us at the same time completed than the target more tasks, and quality and target were the same or better; committed to the target until successful.

            Zhuo rather than climb high: constantly improve their own skills and comprehensive quality, make into the motive force of the development, we uphold the principle of "no person I have, I have new people, new people I am special" innovative ideas, the implementation of scientific and technological progress and scientific management, convinced that only based on the facts and the system, the effective management, in order to continue to improve.

            Professional excellence winning: through comprehensive performance management of organization, so that companies and individuals of progress and development, improve the overall performance and ability of the company, to create value for stakeholders, and enable the company to achieve sustained success.

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