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            Iron and steel enterprises to carry out safety inspection
            Release time:2016/7/6 12:02:14                  Click times:1141

            Nearly a period of time and in many parts of the country have serious production safety accidents, especially the Tianjin port 8 - 12 "Ruihai company dangerous goods warehouse particularly serious fire explosion accident, causing heavy casualties and property losses.

            Therefore, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President and Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping attaches great importance to and earnestly do a good job in the work of production safety, on August 15, again to make important instructions, each production unit and strengthen production safety awareness, the implementation of the main responsibility for production safety, strengthen the safety production capacity and infrastructure construction, resolutely curb the occurrence of extraordinarily serious safety accidents in production.

            In recent days, major iron and steel enterprises quickly convey General Secretary Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, the prime minister's important instructions, instructions and the national production safety television and telephone conference spirit and the work of production safety of the made further arrangements. Especially in the implementation of the party and government accountability, improve the early warning mechanism, the investigation of safety risk, strengthen the ability to strengthen the construction of infrastructure and other aspects of a special deployment.

            The establishment of an alarm system to implement the party and government accountability

            Tianjin port 8 - 12 "Ruihai company dangerous goods warehouse particularly serious fire explosion accident occurred, Anshan Iron and Steel Group conscientiously learn the lessons from the accident, immediate action, from August 13, in the range of the group focus on inflammable, explosive, toxic and hazardous chemicals production, use, storage, transport and handling in the process to carry out safety inspections of work, the inspection of production safety will continue to September 18.

            Wuhan Iron and steel highlight the key points to strengthen the grassroots base

            August 17th, the Wuhan Iron and steel held a special safety video conference, focusing on the importance of general secretary Li Keqiang, Premier Xi Jinping's important instructions, instructions and the spirit of the national security production and television and telephone conference spirit. Zou Jixin, deputy general manager of Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, general manager of Wuhan Iron and steel company to participate in the meeting and the deployment of specific measures to implement the company.

            Zou Jixin, pointed out that the "August 15 national production safety television and telephone will makes a deep analysis on the recent production safety situation and existing main problems and the work of production safety of all levels of government, enterprises and institutions put forward more clear, more specific, more stringent requirements, complete the current and future work of safety in production of WISCO has important guiding significance.

            At the meeting, Zou Jixin put forward 3 requirements: one is quickly the general secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang's important instructions, instructions and the "8 - 15" the spirit of the meeting, work in a timely manner delivered to all cadres and workers; two is to highlight key points, immediately carry out safety inspection departments to division of labor, Qizhua condominium units should fully and conscientiously do self-examination and rectification, eliminate hidden dangers, especially dangerous chemicals, liquid metal mines, the relevant units should adhere to the problem oriented, to carry out special inspections to ensure absolute safety; three is to strengthen the basic work, to enhance the safety of execution, to further improve the safe production responsibility system and evaluation mechanism, strengthen employee safety education, strengthen the awareness of safety defense, improve accident prevention and emergency handling ability.

            The emergency plan for the popularization of first aid knowledge of steel clad steel

            August 17, Baotou Steel leadership team is deeply involved in the dangerous goods of the secondary unit of oxygen plant, gas plant, coking plants and rare earth steel plate company, the inspection of dangerous goods management and the safety in production work. Inspection team requests, Baotou Steel to in the masses of workers vigorously popularizing first-aid knowledge, through held safety drills, formulate detailed safety emergency contingency plans and other initiatives, improve the ability of workers respond to emergency situations, full tamp safe production of solid foundation.

            Tianjin port 8 - 12 "Ruihai company dangerous goods warehouse particularly serious fire explosion accident occurred, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attaches great importance to urged all localities to learn the painful lessons of the accident, adhere to the people's interests first, careful investigation and security risks, to comprehensively strengthen the management of dangerous goods, and earnestly do a good job in safety in production, ensure the safety of people's lives and property. On the afternoon of August 16, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region held Autonomous District Safety Production Committee emergency enlarged meeting, to further strengthen the autonomous region of production safety work, to carry out safety inspections and special rectification to conduct research and deployment.

            The key link of safety production and the management of dangerous goods in the steel - clad steel. Check group in-depth Oxygen Factory No. 9 oxygen manufacture unit, gas hydrogen production plant compression station, sheet pressing station, gas door workshop, coking plant of light benzene trough zone and gas purification Department recovery workshop, by-product refined department, rare earth steel plate company ironmaking operations coking byproduct of reservoir area and other on-site inspection check. Inspection team requirements, the units always tighten the security production of ideological line of defense, firmly establish awareness of safety in production; the leaders of the unit to attach great importance to, strengthen management of dangerous goods and lead employees to create a safe and comfortable working environment.

            The comprehensive clean-up inventory to jianzhanglizhi

            August 17, in Benxi Iron and steel group early scheduling meeting, Benxi Iron and Steel Group in the range of the group conveys the General Secretary Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, the prime minister's important instructions, instructions and the national production safety television and telephone conference spirit and in August 14 emergency issued "on immediately carry out the flammable and explosive goods safety inspection notice" of the work of production safety do further arrangements.

            Benxi Iron and Steel Group Safety Committee Chairman, chairman and party secretary Zhang Xiaofang asked the Benxi units to deeply absorb the port of Tianjin "8 - 12" Ruihai company dangerous goods warehouse major fire and explosion accident lessons, to strengthen the safety inspection of key parts, and do a good job of production safety work; to increase the comprehensive clean-up inventory efforts to clean up inventory out security risks and to increase the rectification efforts to overcome the negative factors, to rectification of hidden dangers, to the overall planning, formulate measures, step by step, scientific and orderly the hidden rectification work well; safety training to do a good job of workers, the different levels of personnel to carry out targeted training; to do the jianzhanglizhi work, and constantly improve the regulations of safety management, improve the rules and regulations of the operation, and continuously improve all kinds of emergency situations Disposal plan, as the subject of research, and earnestly do a good job in emergency response.

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