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            Gan Yong: green and intelligent lead the development of steel manufacturing process
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            "Green, intelligent steel manufacturing process and variety technology integrated development and application is' 45 'period of China's iron and steel industry development the overall task." Chinese Academy of engineering, Gan Yong in September 2-4 by the University of Science and Technology Beijing, the successful University (China Taiwan) Co sponsored the fourth cross-strait green materials and green process forum, said. Gan Yong believes that based on green and intelligent development and integration, the general idea is: focus on manufacturing process to optimize the structure, manufacturing process technology promotion, iron and steel manufacturing service platform construction, new business models to establish and operate the four key path.

            Specifically, manufacturing process structure optimization technology connotation is the BOF tapping the potential and development of scrap - electric arc furnace process, all kinds of resources recycling, multi complementary industry, and urban symbiosis; the technology and management means to improve the is the whole process of dynamic precision design, the process of energy-saving emission reduction technology, the resources circulation utilization technology and technology waste consumptive society, intelligent technology. The target is to alleviate the constraints of resource and energy, reduce pollution and carbon emissions, improve resource and energy efficiency, steel mills and urban harmonious coexistence.

            Manufacturing technology connotation of process technology improvement is the process function positioning, the whole process of narrow window control, interface technology and extension of industrial chain, key technology research and development equipment, coke oven gas to produce hydrogen, carbon dioxide gas resource utilization; the technology and management means, improve the thermodynamics and kinetics parameters, on-line detection and feedback, and to establish the application of dynamic model, the intelligent development and application of by-product gas purification and separation of carbon dioxide gas utilization; the goal is to improve the efficiency and level of energy efficiency, product quality and enhance the stability of key block, product supply, create brand value and system, curb excess capacity and reduce the environmental load.

            Manufacture and service platform for the establishment of the technical connotation is the whole process monitoring technology development, massive data extraction and push, the establishment of multi-dimensional data network architecture, production, quality and market data linkage, steel mills, suppliers and customers network; to adopt the technology and management means to improve is testing component development, big data and cloud computing, industrial networking, market analysis software development, network security technology; target is process intelligent upgrade, product quality and market docking, R & D and market butt joint, reduce the procurement and transportation cost, personalized products timely delivery.

            New business model is built with the operation of the technical connotation is personalized and customized production scheduling, steel mills and user interface adjustments, to establish new standards and norms, common firepower, and building materials Petrochemical interconnection; to adopt the technology and management means to improve is segmentation technology and business interests, risk investment assessment and develop market access rules; expected goal is elimination of backward production capacity and product, established brand system, profit means diversification and competitiveness significantly.

            Gan Yong, the iron and steel process of green and intelligent integration is the key common technology target including the whole process online detection and monitoring technology of digital and intelligent embedded technology in iron and steel manufacturing; energy cascade utilization system of waste heat recovery technology and distribution combined with integrated steel production; intelligent energy management and environmental optimization technology; pollutant distribution and concentration combination cooperative control and removal technology; steel and related industries complementary links and eco prosperity linking technology and the surrounding social symbiosis; iron and steel manufacturing process and service integration of network integration technology; steel manufacturing process of material flow, energy flow and information flow of dynamic coordination control technology; performance of steel product customization and reduction the production technology and equipment; high performance steel product lifecycle intelligent design, preparation and processing technology.

            Gan Yong expected 45 period, the iron and steel industry will create process of iron and steel of green and intelligent theory system and evaluation system; to form groups of manufacturing technology with independent intellectual property rights of the iron and steel process and varieties of green and intelligent production; to realize the localization of the key steel varieties used; the creation of steel construction and operation flow of the green and intelligent manufacturing series of norms and standards; the establishment of industrial networking green and intelligent manufacturing and service platform based on, open up a new business model, the iron and steel industry, forming new formats in Iron & steel industry high-end equipment manufacturing.

            In the forum, on both sides of the Taiwan Straits scholars exchange content widely, including a semi molten state key generic technologies and quality of medium and heavy plate production line, steel microstructure characterization, laterite nickel ore reduction of new technology research, technical foundation for high performance steel, steel-making slagging agent characteristics of development and research, pulse magnetic vibration solidification grain refinement technique and its industrial application, a new generation of iron and steel production process integrated practice etc.. Through the exchange, the two sides learned to deepen understanding, in an equal participation in the promotion of a consensus, is conducive to the realization of the green transformation of the two sides of the steel industry.

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