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            Heat treatment furnace


            Product name:Heat treatment furnace

            Update time:2016/7/6 15:15:49

            Fuel types: coal, oil, natural gas, producer gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas, etc.

            Type: room type, trolley type, tunnel type, etc.

            Processing parts: Castings, forgings, cylinders, pressure vessels, structural welding parts, etc.

            Treatment process: normalizing, quenching, tempering, annealing

            Heating method: preheat

            The furnace body brick, castable lining, etc.

            The temperature of the workpiece is different: 6001100

            Furnace cavity size: according to the customer's size and outline requirements

            Load: customer requirements

            Energy consumption: a case study of the same case (national first class furnace energy consumption standards or according to user requirements)

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