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            Steel rolling furnace


            Product name:Steel rolling heating furnace

            Update time:2016/7/6 15:19:05

            Fuel types: natural gas, producer gas, blast furnace gas, mixed gas, etc.

            The heating of steel: carbon steel, quality carbon structural steel

            Furnace type: push the steel type, step by step, etc.

            Heating method: preheating, single heat storage, double heat storage, etc.

            Discharging mode: single row, double row etc.

            Put on a material way: end to end out, end to side out, etc.

            Production: customer requirements

            Furnace body: refractory bricks, casting materials, etc.

            The temperature of the workpiece is different: 11001250

            Cooling method: solid bottom without water cooling, water cooling, evaporative cooling etc.

            Workpiece dimensions: customer requirements

            Energy consumption: case study in the same field (50 90KG standard coal is different, according to the technical requirements)

            Products: steel, thread, wire, rods, plates, profiles, etc.

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